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Name:Charles "Trip" Tucker III

Blond and blue eyed, Commander Charles "Trip" Tucker is a fit and trim man standing at 5’11 and is in his mid thirties. Normally, his movements are very open and welcoming, but he can stand at attention and be the model officer in stance and personality when he needs to be. A southern gentleman from Florida, he comes complete with southern drawl that supports a goofy but stubborn personality and often hides a brilliant and innovative mind. To go along with that goofy personality is an often times appalling fashion sense. When not in uniform, Trip likes to be comfortable, which mean shorts or jeans, paired with the brightest and ugliest Hawaiian shirts known to man (like a good Floridian).

Name: Rudolph Wright
Position: Owner of the pawn and repair shop, Chuck’s Pawn
History: Rudolph is from the south most part of the Southeastern part of the continent. He practically grew up on the water in a small family of just him and his parents. He was perfectly happy working on boat engines and going diving, with about no drive to go any further in his life. The beach was the perfect place for him. But his parents weren’t going to support him forever and, recognizing his brilliance with machines, they forced him into the University in Diamond City.

Predictably, Rudolph flunked out through just not going. His parents wouldn’t have him back so he wandered the city for a bit before apprenticing himself to the elderly owner of a pawn and repair shop, who couldn’t keep up with the repair work. They made quite a team, Rudolph fixing things and the elderly man, Chuck, running the store. When Chuck died, Rudolph took over the store and ran Chuck’s Pawn on his own.
Proof: Picture of Rudolph and Chuck in front of the store.

Trip comes from the season 4 episode Storm Front Part 2 of the television series Star Trek Enterprise.

Trip Tucker belongs to Paramount Televison and Connor Trinneer belongs to himself. This is just a roleplaying journal for [community profile] betenoire_rp & [community profile] skyofdiamonds
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